Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney oboma

Are we kidding ourselves,,,,,,really

Here we have very wealthy people seeking office and we as dependents of government are suggesting that we are better off today than four years ago.

Wow, what a sick world we live in.  With about 47% of Americans on Government entitlment programs it is no wonder we have a difficult time getting someone as President that will make a difference for the average person. 

You see the average person runs small business, or did so in the past.  Now we have only the very rich.  Remember when you could go to the drug store run by a common person of the community.  Not some person that travels 30 miles just to make more money. 

I am not saying we are better off with either person for the Presidency of the USA, however would you want some dude who has great book knowledge and very little world experience.  Perhaps you want a person whom has book knowledge and much success in running companies.

The real problem America has is that almost half the population wants something for nothing.  Some form of entitlement.  Some form of program that GIVES people money for not working. 

They will work at keeping a loser in office.  they want PROGRAMS. 

I want the opportunity to succeed without restrictions from government.  I want to trust in God with each new day that HE will guide me in the path of HIS righteousness, not some person doling out free food, money, rent.