Monday, September 30, 2013

After Care Giving

Wow, where have the days gone.

Mothers death on May 13th 2013 and now we are into October, unreal

Thursday, September 19, 2013

racially divided nation

I am sad, the evening of the 2012 presidential election i went to sleep to a divided nation, Yes, an economically divided country.  I woke realizing (accepting the fact) we are a racially divided country filled with social entitlement recipients whom will never vote for anyone but a "bro".

(i say this not as a white man, but as an AMERICAN pitted against racial discrimination laws placed upon the nation in the name of equal opportunity).

I am sorry, but as a boy growing up as an Italian roman catholic my family was condemned as well.  The KKK clearly hated Jews, blacks, roman catholics, as well as a variety of other non white peoples. 

I did not collect any one race and ship them to a new world
I did not instill fear in others to have me I am looked upon as the opposition, and condemned
My German uncle did not work towards the annihilation of one race/religion

It is not for me to apologise for the faults of others, as wrong as they may have been, but it is my responsibility to contribute to the growth of a nation United, together.  (and i just don't see that from the opposition, i am sorry).

You see after researching how the obama win was garnered, it was apparent that most blacks/minorities voted for this socialist president. (move over Russia, Greece, Italy, make room for the Chinese

The white man is not considered in this equation, he the white man has become the opposition, the peoples to beat.  As part of a society that measures by government intervention, how well a race or ethnic background is advancing, it is obvious that the white man is not considered a minority, even tho he has become over run by the population of entitlement families.

I must confess that i am sad to speaking out as such, but i do feel that our countries great leader Martin Luther King Jr is rolling over in his grave.  Observing what he fought so humbly for, equality has been turned into a battle force to dominate the white man. 

I am not sure if it is against the LAW to be expressing these thoughts outwardly, but it is never my intention, desire or or do i seek to offend others with such, but "numbers" never lie, and always express the populous opinion. 

This election has not been as much for the country, as it has been for the societal "takers" of governmental entitlements.  White, black, german, italian, chinese, indian, asian, or whatever other race GOVERNMENT yokes us with, the nation is hurting as a whole, and classifications divide us as a NATION, into many.

i am sad tho, to see that according to polls 93% of a race voted for thier own.  Being wholely accused as a white man to be racise, the results of this election illustrate the opposite.